COVID Protocols

As many of you may have heard, SAFA and our local LFA (RCLFA) have given clubs permission to return to football under strict conditions and protocols that need to be followed.

Currently these conditions include but are not limited to the following:


  1. No formal contact of any kind will be permitted between players and coaches before, during or after training sessions.
  2. Players will not be allowed to pick up or touch any of the equipment with their hands, this includes balls, cones, poles and goal posts. 
  3. No players will be permitted to stay behind and play on the field once the session has finished and the coach has sanitized the players hands and dismissed the team. 
  4. Players must remain in their designated training area at all times and must bring their own water bottle. 
  5. Coaches are required to only allow one player at a time to use the bathroom and there will be no sharing of water bottles and or using the club taps. 
  6. All players and parents are required to wear a mask. 
  7. Players with a high temperature (over 38C) will not be permitted to enter the field and must return home immediately.
  8. Players with the temperature above 37C must be asked to sit in a quarantine area for 10 minutes then will be retested, if temperature returns to normal then they may resume with training. 
  9. No parents will be allowed on or near the field during training and must wear masks at all times and adhere to the governments social distancing protocols. 


The club Management have put all the COVID-19 precautionary measures together to ensure the safety of our member and we have been in communication with Kings School to ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken.

Disclaimer and Compliance Station

Each parent will need to sign a disclaimer which will ensure that no member of the immediate family has been traveling and that no one has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms at the time.

All coaches will also be required to complete the disclaimer and will ensure that they go over the necessary safety guidelines with the members prior to the training session.

There will be a compliance station at the top of the ramp. Parents will be required to queue with their child at the compliance desk to complete the disclaimer and to allow for the players temperatures to be recorded registered. Parent and child’s hands will be sanitized and the compliance coach will then take the child to the field.


The club has purchased enough alcohol-based sanitizer which will be used to sanitize balls and other equipment before each training session. Each coach will be issued with a sanitizer spray bottle. Players will be required to sanitize before being allowed access to the fields.


Two thermometers have been purchased to take temperature readings of all members prior taking to the fields.

Compliance Officers

Alison Cann, our club operations manager will be the COVID-19 Compliance Office who will ensure that all safety measures are adhered to before each player takes the field. Our head coach will be the Coach Compliance Officer who will be on the field with the coaches and teams ensuring that their drills and set plays are in accordance with the necessary social distancing guidelines.


Other than to accompany your child to the compliance station and to sign the disclaimer, parents will not be permitted on the fields and will be asked to remain in the parking lot for the duration of the training session.

Parents will also be asked to ensure that their child comes to training with a water bottle with their child’s name on it so that the kids are not running off to the bathroom or to the taps to get water.  The coaches will oversee that the kids are not sharing water bottles.


Disposable face asks available at the compliance desk for parents to buy. The coaches will be required to wear a face mask during training. We are waiting further guidance from SAFA and our RFL regarding face masks for players.


Due to the guidelines and restrictions on the number of players allowed on the fields, we have to limit to 100 players per training session and have adjusted our training days for this.